Weekly Recap (8/20-8/31)

The last two weeks have been very interesting.

Monday 8/20 was my first day back in the shop after my tablesaw accident. I had big plans for the week, thinking I would work double hard to catch up on missed time. This was way overzealous. I found myself working much slower than I was used to, and honestly I felt a bit discouraged. I thankfully built a little positive momentum later in the week, but I still found many tasks still left undone.

Monday 8/27 began much better than the previous week. It seems that I regained some of my strength and energy, and was able to work at a level more similar to what I am familiar with. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful shop helper two days, and we were able to complete a lot of great quality work. I made a commitment to bring in my shop helper one day a week to start, and I am very VERY excited about this.

I am still feeling behind; I guess two unexpected, forced, weeks off of work will do that to you. Although I am working to catch up, I am feeling optimistic!


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