Weekly Recap: Design, Accounting,& Project Prep

Hello there, I hope this blog finds you well. This past week was a good week at Houston Woodworking. I am still out of the shop due to my thumb injury, but I was able to be productive with some of my administrative tasks. Doesn’t being productive feel great!


Our mission statement is simple: “Designs and builds commercial and residential carpentry projects with authentic craftsman quality.” The design process is so important for efficiency and quality. Using SketchUp to build 3D models of my projects is an important step to insure authentic craftsman quality in every project that I build. This extensive preparation and planning also allows me to maximize material usage and avoid waste! I spent about 25 hours or more this week designing projects in SketchUp. Here are a couple pictures from some of the projects that I designed this last week.


Wow I am a rookie at accounting! Just being honest. Accounting does not come naturally to me, but I believe that accounting is a VITAL component to success in business. I am working hard to learn accounting basics. I am also working hard to improve and create better consistency with my quotes for clients. Hello spreadsheets! I have made some progress in this area, although I prefer building beautiful furniture, accounting is beginning to grow on me. Bring on the numbers.

Project Prep

I plan to return to the shop next week on “light duty,” and I AM SO EXCITED! I have a list of 5 client projects and 3 shop projects that I want to complete. I already created my materials list and organized it by project. I took time to preplan my materials and accounting projections. I am excited about this step because I believe it is an important component of prioritizing work and staying consistently organized, which are two areas of personal growth for myself. Did I mention I am excited to return to the shop!

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