Weekly Recap: Shop Injury and Lessons Learned

Hi there, it has been a weird couple weeks for me at Houston Woodworking since my last blog post.

Bad News:

I cut my thumb on my table saw a little over a week ago. It was 100% my fault, I was tapering some table legs and using a VERY dangerous jig. The cut was serious enough to require surgery, but thankfully I should make a full recovery. The several days following the accident were very slow, and I did not do much.

More (Possibly) Bad News:

I may need a second surgery on my thumb. I will know more information on this after a followup doctors appointment in a couple weeks. I will post an update at that time. Please join me in praying against a second surgery!

Good News:

I will say that this accident has helped me draw nearer to God and refocus my dependency on him for all provision. It is no secret that I am a man that trusts in Jesus, and I want my faith to known through my business. I was not good for much last week, but I am going to take this next week to accomplish some of my more administrative, computer based, tasks for Houston Woodworking.

Lessons Learned: 

Working with power tools always has the potential to be dangerous, but I have grown too comfortable with them. I was not practicing appropriate shop safety techniques, and I was swiftly reminded that tools are to be respected. I am going to increase my safety awareness and practices when I am able to return to the shop. I am thinking about shop safety in two different sections.

  • Acute shop safety: protection against accidents and injury.
  • Chronic shop safety: protection against long term conditions that can occur due to exposure to various elements in the shop.

I am going to expand on these in future posts.


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