Weekly Recap: Going Live, Community, Designs, Organization, and Growth


Wow what an exciting week at Houston Woodworking!

  • We officially launched our website and Facebook Page on Tuesday 7/24. The response was so exciting. Currently the Facebook Page has 157 likes, and I am so happy with that result. I hope to continually build our reach by posting good quality content. Your likes and shares are very helpful, and we greatly appreciate your support.
  • Houston Woodworking joined the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce. I want HWW to be a company that is informed about, and involved in, community news and events.
  • We have been designing many exciting projects including a farmhouse table and benches, 2 custom closets, a small side tables rolling coffee cart, a platform bed, and a large office renovation for a local Humble business. Some pictures posted below.
  • I completed a home office renovation in my own home. I painted the room, built a custom desk, upgrade two existing file cabinets, and built 2 floating shelves. The extra work and storage space is so helpful. In addition to being a beautiful upgrade to our home, this project has increased our productivity! Pictures coming soon.
  • I have been practicing various lumber distressing techniques. The use of reclaimed wood in projects can add interest and beauty to a piece, but sometimes reclaimed wood is difficult to find and expensive. I am currently experimenting with a variety of distressing techniques to synthesize reclaimed wood.
    • Rough and uneven handplaning
    • Crosshatching a brass bristled brush over surface
    • Creating nail holes and wear marks, including rust stains for authentic character



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