Behind the Scenes of Behind the Scenes Work

I am sad to say that this week has consisted of very little woodworking. I installed a set of laundry room cabinets that I built last week, and worked on large wood panel wall for a church stage. I spent the bulk of my time doing office/computer work: designing my website, trying to learn book keeping techniques, figuring out invoice/estimate forms, getting my logo designed, and a whole bunch of other semi boring work.

I am pursuing improvement in my life. I have recognized many areas of weakness, and I am actively strengthening them. I created Houston Woodworking’s mission statement “Designs and builds commercial and residential carpentry projects with authentic craftsman quality.” This mission statement serves as a simple, yet powerful, reminder of what I do (and don’t do) and to what level I finish my work. My mission statement has helped me prioritize my schedule and manage my time better.

I organized my home office space and created a visual reminder by writing my goals, areas for growth, and reading log on a whiteboard on my desk.


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