Table Saw Station

I was gifted a DeWalt DW745 table saw from my dad. This is an amazing table saw to begin woodworking with, but it needed some help to reach it’s full potential. I created a moveable table saw station that lifts the table saw to a usable height, provides support to the left and right side of the table saw, has a folding outfeed/assembly table,  and offers plenty of additional storage space. This was my SketchUp model and picture of the real life build.

I constructed the base out of 4×4’s using half lap joints. I attached casters to the bottom.

Next I installed the 4 outside legs using 4×4’s connected to the base using a ton of pocket holes. It turned out super sturdy and was fast! Pocket holes aren’t my favorite look, but hey they work great for shop furniture.

My next move was to build the table saw stand. This part took a good bit of measuring and planning to get the the proper height. I constructed the base using 2×4’s and a sheet of MDF. This was a great step because it made using my table saw much easier.

From here I began to fill in the base and sides of the table saw station with MDF board. Note MDF is not my favorite, but I chose it for this project because it was budget friendly and will offer plenty of strength.

Next I installed the top. I made the top out of one 3/4″ sheet of MDF and one 1/8″ sheet of white paneling. I connected the top using 18 gauge brad nails. These nails will hold it down securely, but will also allow me to easily replace the surface if ever necessary. *This was my stopping point for day one.

Day two began with installing the support board that will connect the folding outfeed table. I beveled a 2×4 with a 45 degree angle and planed it down until it was a little bit lower than the rest of the table saw station. I attached this board using screws. At this point I also installed my piano hinge.

After the support board was attached I cut the MDF to size for the top of my assembly/outfeed table. I propped it up near the table saw station using scrap lumber and a fold up picnic table. I attached this piece to the rest of the unit using the piano hinge.


Finally I used scrap 2×4’s for the legs of the folding table. I installed rubber feet on the bottom and attached them to the folding table using some screws and old hinges that I had lying around.

I have plans to improve storage and add a router table to this table saw station, but for now I am pleased with how this project turned out.

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