Building A Dream

Measure tape and pencil on wooden palnks

My passion for woodworking dates back many years to when I was a little boy watching my grandpa fix and build stuff. I used to think he could do anything, and I admired him greatly. He taught me how to use a wide variety of tools, and gave me little “projects” to build. We used to watch “This Old House” and “New Yankee Workshop” together every day at the kitchen table. He would sketch various tools and quiz me about what they were called. My passion was flamed by my awesome stepdad David. Although goofy, and often sloppy, David could figure out how to fix and install just about anything. He made DIY fun, and sometimes scary.

My father, two different uncles, as well as great and great great grandfathers on both sides of my family are/were woodworkers as well. This passion flows through my blood and has been cultivated throughout my life.

Designing, building, and sharing useful, entertaining, or attractive pieces brings me so much joy. That is why I’m writing this post right now. I want to build up an online portfolio to share with all who would care to see. I hope to showcase some of my favorite pieces, inspire other people to build, and offer quality educational content.

I hope you enjoy the things to come as much as I will enjoy sharing them!

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