Houston Woodworking


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We create 3D models to allow you to visualize and customize your project. This means higher client satisfaction and improved build quality.


Each project is treated with the highest level of care that you would expect from a custom carpentry business. Our patient and detail oriented craftsmen are determined to make each piece their best.

Commercial & Residential Carpentry Projects

  • Custom furniture
  • Custom built in units
    • Closet organization
    • Office space
    • Garage and storage rooms
    • Living rooms
    • Dining rooms
    • Corporate break rooms
  • Interior finish carpentry
    • Barn doors
    • Floating shelves
    • Shiplap & wood walls
    • Crown molding
    • Wainscoting

Authentic Craftsman Quality

We work in a clean and organized method that produces higher quality woodworking products with less mess. Our craftsmen maintain high levels of professionalism, and we are constantly in pursuit of learning and growth in the craft. Our goal as carpenters is to improve with each and every product.

Donovan Schreiber

Newborn. Austin Wesley for Print-67

I created Houston Woodworking because of my passion and love for the craft of woodworking. I am so thankful to design and build incredible woodworking projects everyday. I strive to allow my love and passion shine through each woodworking project.